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Founded in 1992, Spottswood Companies, Inc. is in its second decade of active property development. However, the Spottswood family has been deeply involved in Key West real estate, politics, and society for over 150 years. Colonel Walter C. Maloney, Sr., thrice the great grandfather of today's generation, first arrived in the Florida Keys in the 1820's. In 1838, Maloney, Sr. married Mary Elizabeth Rigby, a young woman born in the Bahamas of English ancestry. He went on to serve his community in many capacities, including Clerk of the Court, Mayor, State Legislator, Judge Advocate of the U.S. Naval Courts in Key West, U.S. Marshall, and U.S. Postmaster. In 1876, he wrote the earliest historical account of Key West, "A Sketch of Key West."

Railroad.jpgWalter C. Maloney, Jr. was born in Key West in 1839. He became an attorney like his father and followed in his father's footsteps, becoming Mayor and City Attorney. Through the middle and later portions of the 19th century, Walter Jr. published and Walter Sr. edited the local newspaper, The Key West Dispatch. In 1885, Walter, Jr. and several others organized the first street railway system in Key West.

RedCross.jpgIn 1903, the grandson of Walter Sr., Dr. John B. Maloney, founded Key West Drug Company and, in 1908, established the Louise Maloney Hospital, the first private hospital in Key West. In the early 1900's, the great granddaughter of Walter Sr., Florence Maloney, married Colonel Robert F. Spottswood, a direct descendant of Governor Alexander Spottswood, the first Colonial Governor of Virginia. In 1917, Miss Florence, as she was known around town, founded the Key West Chapter of the American Red Cross. Through the mid-1900's Colonel Bob and Miss Florence ran Key West Drug Company, providing medical help and medicines to the people of Key West through some of the island's toughest years.

Radio.jpgIn 1944, John Maloney Spottswood, Florence's son and the great-great grandson of Walter Sr., founded Key West's first radio station, WKWF, which has been honored frequently over the years for its community service. In 1949, John married Mary Myrtle Sellers. John and Mary were active in business and in local, state, and national politics. In 1955, John established Cable-Vision, Inc., one of the first cable television systems in the country. John served his community as Sheriff for four terms, and State Senator for four terms, and was one of a handful of people who envisioned and established the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch.

JFK.jpgIn the 1960's, John purchased the Casa Marina Hotel and the La Concha Hotel, which initiated the family's involvement in the hotel business. Following John's death, the current Spottswood generation spearheaded the restoration and redevelopment of these two historic properties.

Today, Jack, Bill, Fawni and Robert Spottswood carry on the family's traditions of community service coupled with the responsible development of programs and properties that are in the best interests of all who live, work and visit Key West.

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